#HOKKOLOROB! - The resistence to state terror of people by JU Students

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Oct 7 2014 04:18
#HOKKOLOROB! - The resistence to state terror of people by JU Students

HOK-KOLOROB, a bengali phrase which loosely translates to - Let There Be Clamour is the popular cry of all radical student movements in India. It started in Jadavpur University (Kolkata, West Bengal) where more than hundred thousand of students marched down the street in protest of the brutal state terror unleashed on a small group of students protesting in front of the JU Vice-Chancellors Office demanding justice of a rape survivor. The police had brutally beaten up these protestors in one night, injuring 36 comrades and arresting 40.

The #HokKolorob movement is now taking social media by storm as students from across India are expressing their solidarity with Jadavpur University students. The hashtag #hokkolorob on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram shows photos and strong views of the students against the administration.
Our fellow student comrades in JNU, DU, and JMI launched and intensive campaign in solidarity to the #HokKolorob movement in Delhi.

For more information about this movement, check the #HokKolorob Facebook Page smile


P.S : The cry of Hok-Korolob was adopted by the famous bengali song by the same name!