Ideas for the ASN

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Oct 13 2010 12:59
Ideas for the ASN

The Edinburgh University Anarchist Society is looking to expand the circulation and authorship of it's zine Polemic.
There have only been two issues to date, which can be found online here-
We're changing the structure of Polemic so that we now have sections dedicated to discussing certain topics or areas. We'd like to explore the possibility, firstly, of having a national or international section dedicated to articles from student anarchists elsewhere, and later, if that's successful, opening up the magazine for collective student publication; making the zine a national student anarchist zine.

For now though- if anyone's interested, articles need to be less than 500 words, topic- anything pertaining to anarchism. To make this issue we need articles ASAP in the next week, though articles that don't make the issue will be used in the near future.
We publish anonymously, though if you'd like to be mentioned either by your own name or by a group your affiliated with, we of course will comply.
Articles need to be sent to

If you have any more questions, there's information on our website or ask here.

Cheers for your help.