Ongoing university struggles in the UK

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Ongoing university struggles in the UK

This came into my inbox:


Dear ISM students,

Coinciding with the global week of action, the ex-boss of BP(!), Lord Browne released his review into higher education funding on Tuesday. He said that universities in Britain should be able to charge whatever they like for courses. Currently they can charge up to £3,290 per year for education. The government is expected to accept the recommendation.

This will not only price working class students out of higher education, but it will create a market between different universities.

Combined with vicious cuts of 35 per cent, the review seeks to destroy the learning of humanities and arts subjects. Faced with huge student debt, those who do go to university will only be able to study 'profitable' courses so they can pay back a debt – reaching as much as £90,000 in some cases.

The National Campaign Against Fees and cuts has produced a battle plan to stop the 'Browne review'.

In addition, on Tuesday the following actions took place, most organised at very short notice.

No surrender at London South Bank
Students at London South Bank led the way. With 40 staff being cut, destroying their Language Centre, 50 students, along with members of the UCU took the main road near Elephant & Castle roundabout. They marched furiously to the Vice Chancellor’s office, where a standoff between the protest and security took place. One LSBU student, Elle said the cuts and fees were about denying working class students a decent education. She said “and when they cut, we will fight!” Mark Bergfeld, an NUS officer said Lord Browne, ex-BP boss was doing the same with education as BP did with the gulf of Mexico oil spill, “fuck it up”, he said.
A student from York University, Sophie, contacted Revolution to say “thank you whoever you fifty are! We’re all right behind you!”

University College
Meanwhile students at UCL held a highly successful leafleting, with many students signing petitions to register their anger at Browne’s cuts.

Leeds University
And at Leeds University, over 60 students took part in an anti-fees protest. Channel 4 news were due to host a debate on the Browne review, but students wanted to get their voice heard. They built the demonstration through anti-cuts facebook groups, emergency ring-rounds, text messages and anti-cuts stall and leafletings.

Kady from Leeds said, “we need to spread the message from the protest in Leeds to all universities and colleges in Britain. We intend to fight Browne’s review, fight the fees, and we intend to win – by any means necessary.”

Birmingham barrier

200 students protested at Birmingham university in a colourful demonstration. They built a “barrier” out of boxes to show how fees would act as an obstacle to students studying. One placard has the slogan “tuition fees: to infinity and beyond!”

Sheffield students vs Clegg
Hundreds of students from Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam held a protest outside Nick Clegg’s constituency office. They tried to hand in the pledge card which Nick Clegg had signed before the election promising not to raise tuition fees.

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