Students kettled

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Jan 30 2014 16:10
Students kettled

A large national demonstration of 300 people took place today at the University of Birmingham. Students were demonstrating against an increased atmosphere of repression on campus, amongst other key issues affecting students. The protest was lively but peaceful and featured spontaneous sit ins and banner drops.

As the demonstration was breaking up over hundred students were kettled for four hours in the freezing cold. Students were asked for their details and were photographed on condition of leaving the kettle, something which has been ruled illegal. Those students who refused to do so were arrested. A dozen students were arrested, including one SOAS student. This is a further outrageous attack on the right to protest and should not be tolerated by students, lecturers, fractionals and other support staff.

We stand in solidarity with our friend, coursemate, and comrade who has been arrested.

Hasta la victoria!