Anti-Nato protests in Munich

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Feb 19 2005 20:44
Anti-Nato protests in Munich

I attended the anti-Nato protests in Munich last week, and I think that the organisers of this series of protests have identified some important links that are taking place between different factions of the economic, military and political elites in Europe and America which are being forged in a quest to further exploit and dominate the Middle East.

The first protest that took place on the 11 February was directed at a finance conference on North Africa and the Middle East organised by the association of German industry (BDI) and the association of German Banks (BdB). The conference was also co-organised by the worldbank group and the bank of European investments (EIB). The conference took place the day before the Nato security conference and related to the idea of "more security due to investments".

The Nato conference, which took place on the 12 February -and which Donald Rumsfeld attended, followed on with the theme of NATO's role in providing security in the Middle East region.

It is interesting to note that Rumsfeld attended the NATO conference, given what he previously had to say about the countries of 'old Europe'. In fact, in a reference to this Rumsfeld remarked that his former view was that of the old Rumsfeld. With the American quest to control Iraq going to rack and ruin, Rumsfeld appears to desparately need allies to help ensure 'security' -i.e., American imperial domination- of Iraq. Hence his turn to Nato as a possible force to police the Middle East. Futhermore, this attempt by the Americans to bring the larger European countries -through Nato-into the Middle East also appears to be coinciding with the interests of various sections of European capital.

Its a shame more people did not turn up to the protests given the range of issues that the two conferences brought up.