Cuba - shit or wot? Part 2

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Apr 22 2005 23:38
Cuba - shit or wot? Part 2

ok having just got back from cuba, i have decided definitively cuba is shit. the whole country is the plaything of one man.

people get paid by the state in pesos which are literally worth less than toilet paper because pesos cannot be spent in the shops so effectively have no value. the whole country runs on the convertable peso which replaced the dollar and the only way people can survive in cuba is to work the black market to get convertable pesos. the whole country runs on the black economy.

people are paid by the state if they work but they are not paid enough to survive (and as i just said, they are paid in a worthless currency) so everyone steals from their employer (ie. the state) for goods to sell on the black market. the penalties for this are serious with long terms of imprisonment if you get caught but it is impossible to behave according to the dictates of the state in cuba and survive.

the only graffiti is state graffiti. "forward from the glorious revolution to our future together" and other slogans. however, the divide between those who have and those who have not is massive. in havana people live in the crumbling grandure of old colonialism. these houses have beautiful facades but behind the facade they are shacks. you have to be a good hustler in the black market to get by.

there is free healthcare but no drugs in the clinics. there is free education but no way of legally earning enough money.

here are some examples of castros cuba. people who truck cement around the country are some of the richest people because stolen cement is worth a lot of money. waitresses (who can get convertable pesos off tourists) are richer than doctors. if you are a farmer you cannot kill your own cattle for meat because meat is produced on special state farms. if your cow is elderly and you think it might die, you have to go to the goverment building for a permit for your cow to die otherwise you will be penalised. you can own your house but not sell it (which effectively keeps people in their place of origin) unless, of course, you sell it illegally. ordinary people are forbidden from having internet access and there is one newspaper. cubans know nothing about castros life except the snippets of info tourists bring in. unsurprisingly, castro does not want people to talk to tourists. cubans are not allowed to travel.

anything you want to do, for example farm a piece of land (80% of land is state owned), means applying for a permit. this process can take twenty years or more and there is no guarantee you will get it although you are more likely to finally achieve it, if you have friends in high places which most ordinary people don't. it is dangerous to say too much in cuba. there are secreat police on the streets. if you give money to people as a tourist, that person can be taken away by the time you've turned the corner and again, prison sentances are lengthy and punishment severe.

castro forcibly tested 85% of the population for hiv and those who tested positive had to move to a particular area of havana which they are not allowed to leave. works fine as social policy. hiv rates across the country are low. at what cost?

i have every respect for cuban people but i hate castro. true, i haven't mentioned the american embargo. but it seems to me that the american embargo played into castros hands as it created conditions which made it easier for castro to repress "his own" people. imagine the buzz. ultimate power and a whole country to play with. cuba is no democratic socialist republic. effectively, the entire country of cuba is one big prison.

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Apr 23 2005 11:27
lucy82 wrote:
people who truck cement around the country are some of the richest people because stolen cement is worth a lot of money. waitresses (who can get convertable pesos off tourists) are richer than doctors.

Anarch would approve then.

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Apr 23 2005 12:01

80% of land is state owned and it takes twenty years to get a permit?

how long would it take your average worker to save up for a decent bit of farmable land in the uk then?

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Apr 23 2005 14:16

I heard gary glitter quite partail to the plesures of stop cambodia.