IMCUK Servers Seized again?

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Jacques Roux
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Apr 17 2005 11:25
IMCUK Servers Seized again?

Anyone know anything about this? Has it happened again?

I dont like the way IMCUK is run at all or 99.9% of what gets posted there but i think this is important...

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Apr 17 2005 18:20

Definately something wierd going on with IMC, dunno maybe they been seized and given a gagging order or something

Joined: 26-09-03
Apr 17 2005 18:31

Why should there be something weird going on? Surely the IMC collective are welcome to hide posts saying that stuff happened when it did not? Wouldn't the IMC collective issue a statement if they were gagged, like the Flag guy did?

Rumours like thse aren't helpful, IMO.