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May 1 2005 19:16
New magazine from Organise!

In order to raise funds for the ongoing Just Books campaign, Organise! have just published a 16 page magazine edition of Working Class Resistance. Contact us at: for your copy


Class War: the attack on working people. page 3

Cutbacks, charges, poverty and division are the

hallmarks of an increasingly confident capitalist

assault on working class people. This is a class war

– a war we must fight with all the resources at our


Election Time is Here Again:

building a working class alternative. page 4

Politicians won’t tackle the real issues eating away

at the heart of society. We need to build real

alternatives ourselves.

Symbols Explained: Red and Black flags and Wild Cats.

page 5

The origin and meaning of the red and black flag and

the black cat.

Education, Education, Education. page 6

Al looks at how the mantra of Tony Blair measures up

with reality in the north.

Asylum Seekers on Hunger Strike

As Opposition to Irish State Racism and Deportations

Grows. page 7

The increasingly grave situation surrounding the Irish

governments deportations and inhumanity, Ann Kay

argues for humanity, solidarity and a free world –

against racism, deportations and all governments.

May Day – International Workers Day. page 8

Garth McClure looks at the origins of May Day, origins

that lie in the execution of four anarchists in

Chicago in 1886 for organising workers in the fight

for the eight hour day. In 1889 the International

Working Men’s Association (the First International)

declared May 1st an International Working Class

holiday commemorating these victims and all victims of

the bosses opposition to workers struggle. The

struggle continues today.

Migrant Workers Fighting Back. page 10

GAMA workers take on fraud and brutal exploitation.

IWA-AIT XXII Congress. page 10

The Anarcho-Syndicalist International held its XXII

Congress in December 2004.

Sympathy for the Devil – the death of a Pope. page


Saint or Devil? A look at the reign of Karol Wojtila

as Pope John Paul II.

Just Books – looking for a new home. page 12

More than just a bookshop – the project started by the

Belfast Anarchist Collective in 1978 is looking for a

new premises.

Organise! Who We Are – a statement of aims and

principles. page 14

Contacts & Merchandise. page 16

jack white
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nice one, are ye sending this down to Red Ink or anything?

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May 1 2005 20:55

Yep,bit of a problem with the courier but they should be in red ink in about a week.