*Nigra Flago in Hiroshima on 6 Aug 2005

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Aug 3 2005 18:54
*Nigra Flago in Hiroshima on 6 Aug 2005

*Nigra Flago in Hiroshima on 6 Aug 2005javascript:emoticon('circle A')

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saluton from osaka, a part of jap islands. this is a greeting of a

rebel from jap islands. by the way, on early morning of 6 August 2005,

anarchists living in japanese islands(tokio, osaka, hiroshima...und so

weiter) will hold a "anti-Nuke, anti-governments" gathering in Hiroshima

city. Hiroshima is a famous city as the first "a-bombed city" on the

earth. so many people in Hiroshima were dead by an explosion of A-bomb

by U$A.(many koreans/chineses died, and survivors of those have not

been treated as the "Hibaku-sya(survivors of the a-bombing/people

engaged in rescue on radiation area of hiroshima city)" for many years

by jap government. captured U$ airforce soldiers died by a-bomb. also

some anarchists died by A-bomb.) also so many people in Hiroshima kept

on suffering from radioactivity, and died. still now, victims die one by

one. from Fascists till most of leftists chant "no more Hiroshima" or

"No Nuke!" only.(of cource, also japanese mayor of fascist KKKoiZumi

will say the words like those on 6 august in Heiwa-kouen(=peace park),

Hiroshima.) i think "that is so weird".(my

anarchists' comrades think so too.) ...on the contrary, Hiroshima bay

area has some important military bases and military relations.(remember,

even in the moment of the "ceremony of praying for the peace" in

hiroshima, on 8:15, 6 August 2005, THEY ALL ACT!):

*Kure-city(near the Hiroshima) has so important japanese navy's(we do

not call it as the JSDF!) base and relation factories.

*Iwakuni-city(near the Hiroshima) has an important base of "U$ marine

corp". from this base, "U$ marine corp" sent/sends many soldiers to

Afgan/Iraq to invade those areas.

*Hiroshima-city has an impartant HQ of the japanese military.

still now, "bloody side of Hiroshima" continues to support the war to

the people. many of foxy political propaganda say: "we send the voices

of peace from Hiroshima". YA BASTA! "THEIR PEACE" means people's blood

and death! so, we strongly shout: "Governments and its subjects, we do



PEACE!! No GOVERNMENTS & its LAW!!!" "real terrible Terrorist is

governments & capitalists, and also politicians!"...usw.

if you will visit to Hiroshima on before 8:15 6 August 2005 in front of

the Ruin of A-bombing(GENBAKU-DOMU-MAE), you will be able to see some

nigra flagoj(black flags). if so, join us! also, if you will visit to

Hiroshima on the evening of 5 August 2005, you will be able to join us

in front of the Hiroshima central post office at 19:00. thanx. NO

PASARAN!! in solidarity.(rebel_JILL/ from a roadside of osaka)

PS) your solidarity messages are welcome by our comrades! please send to: rebel_factory(no scums!)riseup.net


W=======[JapanRailways Hiroshima station]==========E

+----+ [HiroDen station]

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[Hiroshima Central P.O.]