Statements on London bombings

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Jul 8 2005 15:28
Statements on London bombings

Maybe a thread just for statements of support etc.

This has come to the SF International Secretary from the All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (A.P.F.U.T.U) who have friendly links with the IWA.

Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2005 11:59:20 +0100 (BST)

All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (A.P.F.U.T.U)

Head Office: Union House, Qasim Pura, Railway Road, Gujrat 50700 (Pakistan)

Tel: (+92 53) 3533 736 Fax: (+92 53) 3525 302, 3521 420 &

Gujrat, 8 July 2005: The APFUTU and affiliated unions today condemned the terrorist atrocities in London, which have cost the lives of at least 50 people and injured several hundred more. APFUTU General Secretary Pirzada Imtiaz Syed expressed their deepest sympathies to those affected in messages to their British Unions."

Pakistani trade unions are organizing symbolic work stoppages at 09:30 today to express their sympathy. The APFUTU will also hold a ceremony outside the Union House in Gujrat at 09: 30 today to show their solidarity with all those affected.

"The APFUTU expresses its sympathy and solidarity to Londoners who have been affected by yesterday's tragic events. We also pay tribute to the emergency services - public service workers - that are helping and assisting the injured in this terrible tragedy."

Yours in Unity,

Syed Zia Ullah Azam

International Relation Officer