urgent report from Nishinari park tent community, osaka, jpn

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urgent report from Nishinari park tent community, osaka, jpn

urgent report from Nishinari park tent community, osaka.


saluton from very hot night(over 25 degree C!) of a roadside of osaka.

this time, i report about Nishinari park anti-eviction struggle in

osaka. about this struggle, following pages might be helpful to know

some parts of situations:




if you will support our struggle by your protests, those will be so

helpful to our struggle. keep on watching the osaka city authorities.

thanx. in struggle.(rebel_JILL)


on every 7 July, there is a typical japanese summer festival that we

call it as “Tanabata”. On japanese/chinese folk tale, they insist that

“orihime” and “hikoboshi” have a chance to meet each other on every 7

July only. Because “orihime” and “hikoboshi” are aparted by the milkyway

on the sky.

By the way, on the earth, especially in Nishinari park(Tsumori-park),

osaka, japanese islands, osaka city authorities and its dull officers

continued to do the foxy things to homeless comrades living in Nishinari

park. On this afternoon, City authorities set an “explanation-meeting”

about their “plans of supporting” for homeless comrades in front of

“Nishinari-kouen-yorozu-soudansyo”. 10 officers came to Nishinari

park.(mr.Abe=boss of this area's park officers, mr.Chisaka=a boss of

Yutori-to-midori-shinkou bureau came)

over 50 homeless comrades and supporters gathered this meeting, and

strongly demanded to give up a compulsory removal plan for the residents

of nishinari park to the city authorities. For, our urgent problem is a

presence of “their compulsory removal plan against the residents”.

However, city authorities didn't answer us with any sincere words. We

got an empty answer by their mouths: “city authorities will not do the

compulsory removal actions. We will continue to try to talk with the

residents again and again.

I will promise to have responsibility to my words.(Chisaka said)”. YA

BASTA! this is just an empty answer for us! City authorities always said

like this, and they always have continued to try to persuade homeless

comrades to give up their own lives in the park. So, we strongly

demanded to the city authorities about showing us their answer as a

document. Of course, officers did not do a good answer to us at all.

Because doing the good answer makes the city authorities lost their

advantage. Anyway, we demanded the city authorities: “we will show you

about our demands as a document. So, you must reply to us by your

document by all means. If not, you exactly must know that you will be

called as a fascist city from all over the world.” (maybe, this week or

next week, we will show it to the city authorities.)

a member of a supporter' group =the Nojukusya-Network do the complain to

us: “we do not have to demand their answer as a document.officer-Chisaka

told us about giving up their executions.We got good reply.so, we must

hear about city authorities' supports.” this optimistic view is

opportunist's one. Unfortunately, osaka city authorities and its evil

politics will never give up their fighting against the residents of the

nishinari park and also, other parks/public spaces. Cooperation with the

city authorities? NOWAY! City authorities and its subjects must

sincerely apologize to all homeless comrades.WE will never give up to

fight against all evils for the poor!

City authorities' criminality is deep like the sea-depth. Vi venkos! Ni

venkos!! ni ne estas la ruboj. Ni ne transiru!!! la batalo

continuos...NO PASARAN!!!(r)

Tokyo Homeless Rights Petition


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always good to hear from rebel Jill