EASF 3rd July: Report

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Jul 6 2004 22:20
EASF 3rd July: Report

EASF meeting report

Thanks to all who came, this is a rundown of what went on. There were a large amount of interesting ideas in the end, but all these things need volunteers for organising, promoting, helping out, raising funds etc etc. Without the activists to help carry these things out none of them will happen. With this in mind then...

Discussed Topics:

Ratification of WSF constitution

Upcoming major events (specifically London's ESF and the G8 summit at Gleneagles) that EASF can co-ordinate with.

Publicity, Media relations and outreach, along with communication inside the EASF.

Generation of actionable ideas and new education techniques that EASF can put forward as part of its service to the community.

Pending Topics:

Regional/local issues including housing, hospitals, hooliganism and new building projects/council initiatives

National issues and their local impact - PFI, immigration, racism, pensions

Organised Action (either Direct or Indirect) and how EASF can help make this more effective in future.


No outright decision was made, on a temporary basis the WSF constitution was accepted, with reservations about the idea of banning the declaration of organisational affiliations. Gemma will be trawling through the list taking out extraneous information and taking the discussions into account, hopefully to present at the next forum.

Upcoming events:

G8, the ESF, structuring and organisation in the next EASF meeting and a possible future Big Easf were discussed.

*Although G8 is the popular choice for upcoming events, it was decided not to plan specifically for it at this point but concentrate on simply raising awareness, with a possibility of subsidising travel nearer the time.

*London ESF itself was suggested as a good event to promote across the board, both to bring our own forum into sharper focus and increase the East Anglian contingent there. Fresher's faires were mentioned as a good place to start.

As London ESF is so expensive, it was proposed that EASF members go on a fund raising spree to help subsidise people to go. Ideas included music gigs, jumble sales, stalls, contacting local political groups to see if they'd like to interest East Anglian youth in politics, hounding the TUs for money...

*A Big EASF forum was mentioned for sometime next year, as a larger more mature event we can work towards. April was offered as a draw to the G8, perhaps featuring recruitment angles to draw in TU funding, with a festival format including stalls, local bands and any other weird and wonderful things we can think of to bring some colour to proceedings.

*For the next forum it was discussed whether there should be regionalised (i.e county or even town versions) regular EASF meetings - which was disregarded as impractical and too time consuming, and whether there should be pre-set workshops and a template system for future forums to prevent wittering/repetition at the event itself. Comments on a postcard please, or failing that, post on the EASF website forums and on the email list.

*A double sided leaflet advertising ESF on one side, G8 on the other was talked about, alongside attending the upcoming Dissent meeting in Bradford (or at least contacting and offering our affiliation) to get ideas, support etc.

Publicity, Media Relations and Outreach/inter-EASF communication

*A newsletter was organised, to be produced as a test issue for the next forum and if successful, to be produced monthly for distribution around East Anglia.

- If found practicable in the monthly format further expansion to a fortnightly could follow.

- Distribution could take place in shops, friendly organisations, and via handouts and mail drops.

- Cambridge Indymedia was cited as a possible group to work with, exchanging top stories and promoting each other co-operatively.

- Depending on how willing people are to distribute and go round local letterboxes, advertising might help raising funds for the forum and improving the paper itself.

- Local editors were named, Jack for Colchester/Essex (choked_victim@yahoo.com), Rich for Norwich/Norfolk (norwichanarchiststudents@hotmail.com) and me for Ipswich/Suffolk (srs_hag@hotmail.com). Hamish from Indymedia will hopefully find us a Cambridge editor soon. More editors will be welcome, as will correspondence - no more than 300 words and no forwarding articles from major newspapers please!

*It was suggested that EASF needs a recognisable logo that people can get used to and remember. Everyone is encouraged to design their own, be creative and bring their efforts to the next forum. We'll put it all in a big pile and decide on the best one then. Mastheads for the website and newsletter are also needed, so if you are a creative arty type or know anyone else who is, get on the case.

*A contact list needs to be made at some point, both for getting the word out about EASF itself and so the news team can get some proper exclusive stories running.

*The Website is going well, the design team raised a few points.

- The website needs more moderators

- The boards should be used if we're to build a decent community in between forums

- Two proposals for the news/events page, 1. To moderate everything that comes in and delete rubbish 2. To have a sub-page for what the mods consider to be rubbish, which can be checked for info (kind of like the junk mail folder in email accounts).

Generation of actionable ideas/new thinking in education

Two main streams came out of the workshop.

* A possible pre-forum meeting involving wide participation to teach new members what the forum is about, and get them to ask questions on aspects of the economic/social relationships of Capital, with further teaching available for people who want to know more about specific issues.

* Fermenting a discussion across East Anglia on whether education has a specific aim of supporting Capitalism to the detriment of society, and what alternatives there might be.

That's it for now, apologies if I missed anything but it's been a long day and I need sleep. The third meeting of EASF will be held in Norwich at some point before the ESF in October, more details will hopefully follow..