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Aug 2 2004 10:14
EASF Newsletter

The three editors for Colchester (Jack), Ipswich (Me) and Norwich (Rich) got together on the 30th and have sorted out tone, style and such for the newsletter.

Deadline: 1 week before end of the month (so the 24th of August for example).

Content: Two articles on the front page about East Anglian News, one major 300-400 words, one minor 100-200 words.

Back page, top half one to three stories on county issues (so each county gets a different section about them in particular), running to about 375 words in total. Back page bottom half to have a satirical article, a contact building list that would feature a few new contacts every month, and a specifically EASF related article.

As such, any articles that are written should keep their word count down or be prepared for some serious chopping.

We have dummy pages sorted and there's room for a couple of small pics/illustrative cartoons, so all that's left is to get the stories and distribution.