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Apr 4 2004 01:33
lynn's 3in1

the front cover of fridays lynn news(02/04/04) had the headline Wonder week, refering to the bulldozers starting work on the £50million "redevelopment" of lynn's town centre, so we thought that we'd have our own wonder day. so on Saturday(03/04/04) we held three protests against some of the stores located in lynn at the present.

First up at 10am Marks and Spencers.

this was part of Viva!s 'day of the ducks', which highlights manor farm ducklings', a main supplier to m&s, factory farming/prisons of ducks. viva undercover fliming shows the ducks are crammed into dirty, stinking sheds in their thousands, who are incapable of walking, dragging themselves along by their wings, with no water for these water birds to bathe and preen. there was around 10 people covering both entrances(5 each) handing out leaflets, with a good response, some complaining to the manager and demanding that these practices to be stopped and others deciding not to go in at all after stating that they were disgusted by the mistreatment of the ducks.

Second at 2pm Wilkinsons.

this was more of a clandestine protest.

this was against Wilkinson’s preference to use the slave labour of a captive non-unionised workforce in order to keep their costs low and their profits high. this slave labour is in the form of prisoners in british prisons (who said slavery is no more) who are paid as little as £1 a day! when good ol'Tony Wilkinson (owner) is scraping by with just £300million. the pittance they pay their prisoner slaves helps to undermine their in-store employees and the working class. about 15 people entered with leaflets handing them to customers and placing them in picture frames and generally hidding them in a4 pads, under things, etc that wont be found for a while.

Third at 3pm KFC

the last one of the day kfc. this was about the colonel's secret recipe 'cruelty'. once more showing factory farming at its best, with more than 700 million chickens raised each year for KFC. the birds, go through debeaking, are crippled due to growth-inducing antibiotics, kept in sheds with 10,000s of other birds live scalding the list goes on. about 10-15 people standing out side handing out leaflets. not such a good response as the M&S one mainly due to the time thing, there were more protesters than customers! next time 7-8pm would be better.

all in all a good day, the rolling protest moving from one store to the next seems to work well hightlighting different things and reaching out to lots of people. maybe next time more stores covering more diverse subjects?

further info

Manor Farm Ducklings

Address :

Swaffham Road • Ickburgh • Thetford • Norfolk • IP26 5HX

Telephone Number :

+44 (0) 1842 878236

viva's Day of the ducks!%20Campaigns/Ducks/dotd.html

Campaign Against Prison Slavery(caps) wilko slavery

Kentucky Fried Cruelty(kfc)

Ya probably knew most of the info but hay

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This looks great! Classic!

Have pm'd you.