Next EASF - 3rd July

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Rob Ray
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Jun 14 2004 20:36
Next EASF - 3rd July

Should this be in organise? Anyway the next East Anglian Social Forum will, as the title suggests, be on 3rd July at the Friends Meeting House in Ipswich (Fonnereau road) from one til six. Sam's putting on an interesting gig afterwards at the Steamboat, all are welcome especially Anarchs cos there's quite a few of us in it already.

[url] [/url] for more

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Jun 15 2004 07:19

We shall try to arrange a possie! black bloc

Barry Kade
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Jun 23 2004 07:04

Thought I'd cut and paste this from the easf website because I am really just a spambot.

It iz from:

COME TO THE NEXT EASF GATHERING, SAT 3rd JULY, IN IPSWICH! posted on Mon 14th June, 2004 by Easf

This will be between 1pm - 6pm, at the Friends Meeting House, 39 Fonnereau Rd, in the centre of Ipswich. Activist groups from across East Anglia - including Environmentalists, Trades Unionists, Peace Campaigners, Anti-racists and many more have begun to gather together to start a regional social forum process. The meeting in Ipswich will be an opportunity for more groups and individuals to get involved. Interest in this has been spreading rapidly since the first EASF gathering in Colchester in May, which was attended by activists from a variety of groups in Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Problems like low pay, privatisation, destruction of the environment, racism and inequality, longer hours, worse conditions, and the lack of decent and affordable housing that accompanies privatisation of council housing and services - all are affecting more and more people. This is part of a global trend, where giant multinational corporations are gaining more and more power, and profit gets increasingly put before human needs.

The EASF is a local manifestation of the social forum 'movement of movements' that is growing around the world, starting with the World Social Forum gatherings in Brazil and India, and the European Social Forums held in Italy and France.

The next great European Social Forum will be held in London this October. Previous European Social Forums have gathered together over 50,000 activists to discuss resistance to, and alternatives to war, exploitation, privatisation, racism and injustice. And campaigners in the UK are already preparing for protest against the G8 global gathering of world leaders to be held in Scotland.

The EASF hopes to support all local movements and groups that are fighting for a more equal, just, peaceful and sustainable society, locally and globally. We want to help activists share information and resources.

Suggestion for discussion at the next EASF gathering include:

* Participation in and promotion of the European Social Forum in London this October.

* Building a local mass gathering of movements - an East Anglia Social Forum event.

* Mobilising for protests against the G8 summit of the most powerful leaders on Earth at Gleneagles in Scotland in June 2005.

* Supporting local and regional struggles.

* Feedback on this website and the role of alternative media in networking

* And anything else you may want to add!

Please feel free to discuss this on the EASF online forum:

Map locating Ipswich Friends Meeting House:

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