Next EASF Gathering: Sat 4th Sept. Norwich.

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Barry Kade
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Aug 18 2004 15:13
Next EASF Gathering: Sat 4th Sept. Norwich.


SAT 4th SEPT 2004.

11am - 6pm. United Reform Church (Meeting Rooms), Princes Street, Norwich (near Elm Hill).

Social Forums are places where people come together to discuss issues and ideas, as well as place for people involved in campaigning for a better world to come together and share skills and ideas.


Rough Schedule: (still up for discussion – go to forums on )

11AM Open Discussion on the questions:

“Does education support capitalism?

And what are the alternatives?”

12PM Discussion finishes (officially!)

Long lunch break so people who have come for the forum can have their own informal meetings.

1:30PM (sharp): Social Forum Starts

- Brief introduction to Social Forum – what they are, why they are, and a brief history and look at the World Social Forum

- Explain the schedule

- Groundrules for discussion, introduce facilitator

- At this point we come up with a list of issues or ideas we want to talk about (some may have been decided on beforehand see forums at for details)

- We group these into as many groups as we have room for

2:30PM Break

2:45PM Workshops

- People go into their groups to discuss the issues decided on, and potentially what they’re going to do about them

4:00PM Break

4:15PM Feedback from workshops

4:45PM Any paperwork to deal with

- venue for next social forum

- ratification

5:00PM Break

5:15PM Activist Get together and go round

– people tell each other what they’ve been up to so we can learn from each other and encourage each other

6:00PM We get turfed out of the building!

We are currently arranging a fairly quiet place where we can socialise and chat after the forum is over.