Peterborough Calling!!!

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Mar 3 2004 14:39
Peterborough Calling!!!

If your from Peterborough or the sorrounding area and are interested in joining our movement for discussion and actions please contact us by email.

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Mar 3 2004 16:00

Without divulging too much, what actions do you have in mind?

I'm not from peterborough, but theres definately a need to start up loosely affiliated, autonomous groupings to participate in and develop subversive ideas and actions.

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Jacques Roux
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Mar 3 2004 16:14

Woudl you like to tell people a little bit about your movement so we know what you are talking about?

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Mar 9 2004 14:57

Ok, Basically we are a small handful of Anarchists who beleive in resistance to capitalism and the state and its affects who meet up over the weekends in the O'Connells pub in Peterborough about Friday 6ish. One or two of us attend the Wombles events down in London but we have found that in order to expand as a group we need a permanet base in Peterborough.

Actions we are proposing are:

-Organisation of regular events and strategies to increses peoples awareness of us.

e.g. Website, Benefit gigs, leafleting, Anti McDonalds day etc.

Especially the benefit gig which hope to help our cause.

-To discuss ideas for future actions to be done in Peterborough and the surrounding areas.

-To organise actions for mayday and possible joint actions with Norwich Anarchists and Wombles.

-Discussion on possible links been made with student movement in Mexico City over the summer.

As you can see we have alot on our minds but we need more support and help and advice from anybody. We also would like to meet up with the Norwich Anarchists to create a regional group??? or just to meet up.

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Mar 9 2004 17:49

red n black star There is a Class War demo outside Norwich Law Courts at 12pm on Monday 15th March to tell the scabby sponging judiciary how we feel about them. You are very welcome to nick a motor and come along, have fun and meet Norwich CW and Norwich Anarchists. circle A

Also Ipswich Anarchists have just been formed. black bloc