Schnews across East Anglia

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Rob Ray
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Apr 29 2004 21:53
Schnews across East Anglia

If anyone can't make it to the event at the Hogs Head in Norwich on Friday, They'll also be in Ipswich on Saturday (that's Mayday, we do some good timing down ere) at the Corn Exchange, 3.00pm.

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Apr 30 2004 12:23

circle A Yeah the Schnews thing in Norwich is going to be at 7pm tonight (30th April) at the Hog In Armour, which is situated where St Benedicts Street meets St Andrews Street. It's in an upstairs room, once you get up there it's like a fucking labrynth so look around until you find the right room. Hmm, maybe we should make some signs or arrows or something? We'll get to work on that.

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Apr 30 2004 12:48

Saii. Have mailed some papers to you but don't think you'll get them in time!! sad