Eddy Morrison attacked!

This was on Stormfront... grin

This information from SicViresco VNN

Eddy Morrison was attacked today by around 8 red scum while he stood at the re-direction point for today's meeting in Leeds of the British People's Party.

Eddy was rushed by the mob and pummelled until he fell to the ground, whereupon the cowards started to run off but not before one smashed a bottle on Eddy's head. Through a comrade who was with Eddy, and who was also assaulted, Eddy managed to send a message to the meeting.

A comrade and myself promptly left and went to the scene of the assault outside Headingley stadium where a rugby match was taking place. I approached a steward who informed me which hospital had admitted Eddy.

We rushed there and went into A&E where I found Eddy and Ken sitting in a waiting-room. Eddy had a huge bandage on his head and was covered in blood. He wasn't able to tell me much as he was pretty badly shaken, but managed to convey that his attackers were AFA. The police had been informed but hadn't yet arrived.

We went back to the meeting and gave an update.

After the meeting the Secretary had a call to say that Eddy was still in the waiting-room and he had not yet received the required stitches. This was some three hours after the actual assault. Why the delay? Your guess is as good as mine!

AFA, the 635 group, brave lads attacking two middle-aged men. Our day will come!

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Nice work, guys.


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smile They dont like up em........nice one comrades.

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Eddy Morrison is a leading political figure on the far right in Britain, who has been involved in a number of movements throughout his career.

Morrison was involved at low levels with both the British Movement and the National Front during the 1970s, although he soon became associated with John Tyndall and followed him into the New National Front in 1979 and from there into the newly formed British National Party in 1982. Following his leaving the BNP Morrison spent a short time in the notoriously violent National Democratic Freedom Movement (a minor group which ended when its founder, David Myatt, was jailed) before setting up his own group, the National Action Party. The NAP was a miniscule group and Tony Malski(now disappeared from the Nazi scene) claimed that Morrison was out of his depth and had sought to merge the NAP into his own National Socialist Action Party. After the NAP ran out of steam, Morrison was readmitted to the BNP in the late 1980s and became regional organizer for Yorkshire, revitalising the party right across the North of England, especially when he organised the now notorious Dewsbury open air mass rally which is credited by many observers with putting the BNP on the map.

Morrison returned in the late 1990s and rejoined the NF, rebuilding the local party group in Yorkshire after years of decline. However the NF leadership soon became distrustful of the power base Morrison was building up until in 2002 he led the Yorkshire NF away, initially under the name of Aryan Unity. This group was soon renamed the White Nationalist Party and Morrison became one of its leading members until yet another split occurred and he again broke away with his followers. This time Morrison formed the Spearhead Support Group (soon shortened to Spearhead Group) and again linked up with Tyndall to support his attempts to regain leadership of the BNP from Nick Griffin. When progress was not made, Morrison suggested to Tyndall that he give up on the BNP altogether and form his own party, but Tyndall was not ready. Morrison however decided that this was the best course of action and, breaking with Tyndall, set up the Nationalist Alliance in 2005 in the hope that Tyndall would lead it eventually. After enduring a torrid few months as leader of the NA, Morrison, along with John G. Wood, left the NA and reconstituted their followers as the British Peoples Party a group of which Morrison is currently National Organiser, which now seems to be establishing itself as a small but growing challenger to what it sees as the 'liberal' BNP.

As well as his ever changing role in the politics of the far right, Morrison is also a poet, with much of his work dealing with nationalist themes and some of a more general nature.


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Heres a link to his beautiful poetry....


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