29/11: Brighton anti-NHS cuts picket

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Nov 23 2006 15:45
29/11: Brighton anti-NHS cuts picket

Something off a list; (it's a week-day so Sussex student layabouts i'm looking in your direction wink)


On the 29th November the South East Coast Health Authorities will have a Health Summit at the Metropole, Brighton seafront, as part of their propaganda of cuts and privatisations. We have organised a mass picket-protest outside. We need as much solidarity as possible, as the 29th is a week day (Wednesday) and it is difficult to find people available for this protest. Although you may be active in other campaigns, please come to this picket, as the privatisation of the NHS will be irreversible and will have heavy consequences on all of us and our children.

I am attaching our poster [as a word .doc]. The poster says the picket starts at 1.00 p.m., but many of us will be there since 12.00 noon.