Anarchist Studies Network meeting at London Anarchist Bookfair, Room 5, 1-2pm

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Col Buendia
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Oct 16 2006 11:38
Anarchist Studies Network meeting at London Anarchist Bookfair, Room 5, 1-2pm

Hi Libcommers,
I'm facilitating a meeting organised by the Anarchist Studies Network at the bookfair on Saturday. We're trying to establish what is and ought to be the relationship between anarchist activists and anarchist academics (now that there are a few of us!). To this end we'd like to talk this over with non-academic anarchists to see how we can potentially work together to our mutual benefit. If any of you were interested in coming along, it'd be great to see you. I'll copy below the text of a letter of invitation that I've sent out to a few local & regional groups etc. Perhaps if you know anyone who might be interested in this you could also pass it along? Cheers!



The Anarchist Studies Network is a recently formed group of mainly UK-based academics who want to reinvigorate research within academia by building links across subject areas and by building relationships with other anarchist groups.

Recent years have seen an increase in academic publications and doctoral theses that are either anarchist inspired, or are direct engagements with the history and practice of anarchism and anarchists. This upswing in activity is something that we want to consolidate and build on for the benefit of the anarchist movement as a whole.

To this end we have organised a meeting at the Anarchist Bookfair (London). Are you interested in finding out what anarchists are doing in academia? Could someone with academic skills (e.g. writing, research, public speaking, asking difficult questions, photocopying, etc) be helpful for your local group or campaign? Would you like to see research done on particular questions or issues? Do you have any other thoughts on how anarchist academics can help create anarchy? We're happy to invite members of your group to join us in this discussion in meeting room 5, from 1-2pm, at the bookfair.