Anarchists Against the Wall: – UK Speaking Dates

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Anarchists Against the Wall: – UK Speaking Dates

Anarchists Against the Wall – UK Speaking Dates

For several years, an Israeli direct action group named Anarchists
Against the Wall (AAtW) has participated in the Palestinian-led joint
struggle against the so-called “separation barrier” in the occupied West
Bank – a racist segregation wall created in violation of international
law, which cuts Palestinians off from their lands and may well prevent any
remaining chance of Palestinian self determination. AAtW activists have
destroyed parts of the wall, forced open gates in the wall and removed
roadblocks. They marched together with Palestinians to their lands and
stood in front of bulldozers with farmers whose olive trees were
threatened. Their contribution to the struggle has been recognized by all
those involved.

The group's work has also been recognized by the Israeli authorities which
have rewarded it with violent repression, hundreds of arrests and about 40
indictments. Although to a lesser extent than Palestinians, they have also
been shot at, tear gassed, beaten with batons and injured. The legal costs
of defending against these charges are around $20,000 and counting. AAtW
is now seeking the support of communities and organizations in Europe for
its legal fund in order to fight back against the legal persecution and
continue its part in the fight against the wall.

Sarah Assouline and Saif Abukeshek are an Israeli and a Palestinian who
have dedicated themselves to the popular struggle against the Israeli
separation barrier (the wall). They are speaking together as partners in
this struggle and in the larger struggle against Palestinian
dispossession. They are touring Europe to raise awareness and much needed
funds to sustain their campaign. They would like to meet people interested
in supporting grassroots activism between Israeli and Palestinian people.

Speaking dates:

22.9 – Brighton
Cowley Club, 12 London Road
6 pm

24.9 – Leicester
Friends Meeting House, 16 Queens Road
2 pm

25.9 – Newcaslte
Star & Shadow Cinema
Stepney Bank
7.30 pm

26.9 – Manchester (1)
Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount Street
(During PSC and War on Want public meeting)

26.9 – Manchester (2)
Green Room, 54-56 Whitworth Street West
(Between book readings by Tariq Mahmood)
6 pm

28.9 – Lancaster
Friends Meeting House, Meeting House Lane
7.30 pm

29.9 – Glasgow
Lecture Theatre A, Boyd Orr Building, University of Glasgow
7.30 pm

30.9 - Edinburgh
Augustine Unitarian Church, George IV Bridge
4 pm

Short bios of speakers:

Saif Abukeshek
Born in 1981 in the occupied West Bank. He started working with children
and young peoples programs in 1996. In 2000 was shot in the chin by the
Israeli military during a protest in Ramallah, and following his recovery,
started working with children who are traumatized by the occupation. In
2002 Saif joined the international solidarity movement (ISM) and since
then has been one of the Palestinian coordinators for the movement and a
trainer for non-violent direct action. Since he started working with the
ISM, Saif was arrested three times, detained several times, hassled and
interrogated each time he traveled to or from Palestine. Saif did several
speaking tours around Europe and to Australia trying to increase the
awareness of the Palestinian struggle and the illegality and the brutality
of the Israeli occupation.

Sarah Assouline
Born in Canada and immigrated to Israel 5 years ago. Her involvement in
the struggle for Palestinian self determination developed along with a
disillusionment from her previous image of Israel and its army. In
addition to taking part in demonstrations almost every week, Sarah has
been working almost every day to support the popular struggle. She is an
organizer for AATW and a fund raiser for several projects. She does legal
support for people arrested at demonstrations and adopts stray dogs. Sarah
is also the assistant producer of the award winning film “Bil'in Habibti”
which depicts the struggle at the village of Bil'in.