Bristling in Bristol - new mag out now!

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Nov 3 2006 23:42
Bristling in Bristol - new mag out now!

We’re not looking for a new England

But we are fighting for another world

Issue 23 of Bristle magazine is out now, sticking it’s size 10’s (and 9’s, 7’s, 5’s…) into the nationalism & identity issues with a special feature.

“Welcome, dear reader, to our humble offering of alternative print media opposing the forces of darkness – capital, the state and religious fundamentalists.” (Bristle 23, editorial, page 1)

A small drop in the ocean of corporate media & Government spin we may be, but as the world economy and climate continues knowingly towards its terminal destination, we have every reason to be loud and angry. Resist. Refuse. Reject. Reclaim. Start now! Agitate. Educate. Organise. Check out ours, and/or produce your own media!

For front cover image see our website or

Our special feature includes English history, asks why the working class ain’t working, has an Easton Cowboy reflecting on footie & flag-waving, an Iranian woman on her complicated situation, a considered rant on tribalism, a polemic conclusion, and a look at St. George:
“It was a good thing St. George, or al-Khadra as Arab people call him, never bothered to visit England. According to legend, the Romans tortured him for 7 days before they executed him. If he had a done a runner and sought refuge on English shores, the BNP and other flag-waving right-wingers would want him deported as a bogus asylum seeker.” (Bristle 23, special feature, page 11).

Other articles include anti-war news and the Fairford trials, Bristol airport expansion and climate camp reports & actions, an earth activism interview, attacks on creative squats, positive local events & campaigns, a comment on the Barton Hill regeneration fiascos, medieval slavery in the south west, the good and the bad in Bath, along with plenty of local news & comments & reviews & street art, and a comprehensive contacts listing for campaign groups in bristol & the south west. Lastly there’s our Indigenous Bristolian correspondent taking no shit: “There should be harmony between lifestyle and politics. There’s no need to separate one from the other, they should be interwoven. The need for a rebel chic uniform and addictive substances aren’t part of free thinking - they seem to be more about creating cliques, buying style from sweatshop labour, and highs from cash crops. They are more about being a substitute for lack of confidence and identity, than a part of personal emancipation.” (Bristle 23, page 20).

So go on get yer copy of Bristle, check out and laugh at our traditional typos & other regular errors, get angry about the state of the world, think about what your response could be, and then ACT ON IT!

Bristle mag is produced by the Bristol based Bristle collective since 1997, a voluntary bunch who do it for the love of it, out of anger at the way things are, and out of a desire for a better world. We are one of the few locally produced, locally focused but thinking globally, alternative mags. If you are up for it in Bristol and the south west we’d like to hear from you!

You can get Bristle by post by sending cheques or PO’s (payable to ‘Bristle’) for £1.50 to Bristle, c/o 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol, BS5 6JY, OR direct from these outlets:

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