"Event Name" - "Place" - "Date" --- FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES (or your thread wil be deleted)

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Oct 3 2003 10:42
"Event Name" - "Place" - "Date" --- FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES (or your thread wil be deleted)

We created this forum for people to advertise events and post up announcements - for example about new publications.

This forum make no sense if its not easy to understand, so threads not following these guidelines will be deleted.

Please title your thread as this one: event name, place (country/town) and date.
For example: Pie Festival, UK: Hampstead, 12 Feb 06.
This obviously doesn't apply to publications or announcements about new websites.

You may post local and regional events in here.

Threads in here may be deleted after the event has passed, or when it is timely to do so. Or if they do not follow these guidelines - whenever an admin feels like it.

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jef costello
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Mar 8 2007 14:40

The thread title is in capitals, someone should really fix that smile

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May 2 2008 01:02

new blog: anarchy secession subsistence

If you are interested in subsistence and secession and how they might relate to anarchy, please check out this new blog site:http://anarchysecessionsubsistence.blogspot.com/

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Oct 18 2008 18:21

Is this acceptable or should I remove the explanation for the meeting at the end?

Open Meeting
hosted by the Communist Workers’ Organisation

The Global Financial Crisis
Is this the End for capitalism?

What is the revolutionary perspective for the working class?

All welcome

Conway Hall
Red Lion Square
London WC1
(nearest underground Holborn)

2.00 p.m.
Saturday November1st

The financial collapse was not only foreseeable (and we were not alone in expecting it – even the more realistic of bourgeois writers predicted it), the real surprise is that it took so long for this financial bubble to burst. This is not the first financial shock to the system. Is it the last? This is not just a stock market “adjustment” but a much wider crisis. It is a sign that capitalism’s law of value is reasserting its hold. The roots of this crisis are much deeper and go back further than the last two years. Financial journalists keep saying that “ we are now in uncharted territory” yet we have been in that situation for three decades. Today is only the latest manifestation of the crisis of capital accumulation. How does this affect the working class and will it respond. These questions are the key to all our futures. Join us to debate the causes and the consequences of this unprecedented global capitalist meltdown.

For further information contact


Mike Harman
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Oct 19 2008 08:32

The guidelines are mainly about post titles - because we used to get dozens of titles like 'public meeting on Sunday' with no indication of even which continent they were on, a bit of blurb in the post itself is fine.

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Nov 4 2009 17:19

thanks for your info, we`re doing some infoshop here in makassar,Indonesia. If you have more information or any experience about what we`re doing right now please share it with us....thanks (check our blog : www.kontinum.org)

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Apr 10 2011 22:56

i am intending to start a discussion,study and maybe more group on[i]revolutionary libertarian comunist ideas /i] in an organised,coherent self disciplined way but without dogmatism or sectarianism,in the wmbley and harrow area of north west london.i would like to hear directly from anyone interested.