Kebele (Bristol) - 11th anniversary benefit party

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Nov 21 2006 19:24
Kebele (Bristol) - 11th anniversary benefit party

From a time before Libcom existed, indeed before most of us used the internet, the place known as kebele came into being...

Raising the roof – 11th birthday & benefit party

It’s Kebele’s 11th anniversary, we now own the place outright, we’re revamping everything, and we’re even fixing the roof. So in true Kebele style, we are having a party – and you are all invited.

Friday 8 December, 10pm to very late.
The Black Swan, 438 Stapleton Rd, Bristol, BS5 6NR
5 quid on the door
Don Bradmans (The undisputed kings of chap core, Brighton’s moustachioed finest. Best before 8.12.06)
The Great Escape (Bristol 7 piece ska outfit will get you skankin to your favourites)
Malarchy (Trans-european travelling roots musicians ripping up the folk rulebook with style, musicianship & quality tailoring. Opa!)
Spanner (Bristol Underground anarcho-ska-punk legends)
Jesus Bruiser (Bristol allotment crust cocktail)

DJ’s & sound systems across the tribes:
Tossers, Positive Vibration, Idren, Akimbo, Inspiration Vibration, Enjoyment Service

Plus Cabaret, Café n snacks, Bonfire, Info.

Full details and poster/flyer downloads go to

Background info:
For 11 years Kebele has provided a self organised space for radical politics in Easton, Bristol. From squatted beginnings and resisted eviction to fully fledged housing co-op and volunteer-run anarchist social centre, it’s a long story with plenty of ups and downs, gigs, meetings, artivism, action, parties and cafes along the way. Sometimes it’s really hard work, but there’s so much to learn from organising collectively without leaders and sustaining a street level community project.

It’s inspiring to see our principles still intact and at the heart of all Kebele does: equality, inclusion, shared responsibility, co-operation, solidarity, not for profit, direct action… These are more than empty, lifeless buzzwords. Kebele aims to be a reflection of the world we want to see in our everyday actions and organising; a living, working example of what we’re told is not possible…

See for history and what’s on now.
Kebele, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol, BS5 6JY