Manor Garden Allotments Protest, Films & Discussion, UK: London, Hackney, 4th March 07

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Mar 2 2007 04:53
Manor Garden Allotments Protest, Films & Discussion, UK: London, Hackney, 4th March 07

Over here in the big smog of Hackney, east London, we're fighting to stop the London Development Agency (LDA), who are responsible for bringing the Olympic games to London in 2012, evicting and destroying a massive 80 plot, hundred year old allotment site. All just to make way for a footpath!

The Manor Gardens allotments are an oasis of hope in one of the biggest industrial estates in London and, are some of the oldest allotments in London, having been bequeathed to be allotments "in perpetuity" at the turn of the last century.

The footpath for the games, which only last four weeks, will destroy in the process a century of devoted cultivation and a close-knit and diverse community of Turks, Cypriots, Greeks, Jamaicans, Africans and Brits, who have become rooted in this irreplaceable site.

If we are going to create a sustainable world we need to create more community run green spaces like this, not less.

Protest 10.30am
Old Baths Community Centre, 80 Eastway, Hackney, LONDON E9 5JH, near the junction with Wick Road.
Demonstrate outside the meeting between the LDA and the plot holders and help to save a large piece of nature from being covered by concrete by letting the LDA know we are not going to let this happen.

Films & Discussion 2.30pm
Manor Garden allotments, just off Waterden Road. Entrance is opposite the bus depot.
There will be food, talk of how we can build a green future for these gardens and beyond, as well as screenings of:
* Rat to Roses - a film about the history of the New York community Gardens.
* Those Who Dance - about the resistance to shell in Rossport, Ireland and Ogoniland, Nigeria.

There's a video of the allotments to inspire you.