Rossport 5 UK Book Launch, Hammersmith Irish Centre, London, Friday 2nd at 7pm

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Feb 26 2007 16:52
Rossport 5 UK Book Launch, Hammersmith Irish Centre, London, Friday 2nd at 7pm

Vincent McGrath, one of the Rossport 5, will be in England March 2-4 to launch Our Story, their book on the events that led to the men being jailed for opposing a Shell pipeline in north Mayo, Ireland. The main event will take place in the Hammersmith Irish Centre, Blacks Road, on Friday, March 2 at 7pm, when Vincent McGrath will announce the publication of the book in Britain.

The Hammersmith event will continue the book and information tour the Rossport 5 began in Ireland in February. The tour will move each week to a different venue, in Ireland, Britain and continental Europe. In the summer the tour will move to north America.

Mark Garavan, in his introduction to the book, believes Our Story will "stir the conscience of all who read it". The story of the men and their families, he says, "is presented so that others may have hope that they too can shape the world in which they live".

"These were ordinary people caught in an extraordinary situation," says Garavan. "They did not seek out this position – these events were thrust upon them.
"Everything that they did they did because they felt they had no choice. If this was heroism it was heroism of the ordinary kind, heroism that all people are capable of when they feel left without choice."

Vincent McGrath says he is excited by the book tour. "We see this book tour as a wonderful opportunity to inform the public about the real issues surrounding the Corrib gas project that is being imposed on our community and the implications this has for other communities throughout the country.

"Hopefully Our Story will give people a better understanding of our struggle against the ruthless oil companies and our sense of betrayal at the hands of the main political parties who continue to put the profits of Shell before the health and safety of their fellow citizens.

"We're looking forward to meeting in person the people who have stood by us and who continue to support our right to live free from fear in our own homes."

Our Story by The Rossport 5 is published by Small World Media and distributed in Britain by Gazelle Book Services.

Rossport 5 Book and Information Tour, Hammersmith Irish Centre, Blacks Road, London W6 9DT – Friday, March 2, 2007, 7pm. A media and information pack including a copy of the book, an extract from the book, a review of the book, plus posters and information flyers is available.

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