Save Marsh Lane Fields

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Dec 10 2006 23:49
Save Marsh Lane Fields

New Lammas Lands Defence Committee invite you to



meet at noon on Sunday, 17th December, 2006

On Marsh Land Fields, E10

Where the footpath from Seymour Road joins Marsh Lane.

The 2012 Olympic planners want to take part of Marsh Lane fields
to relocate some of the evictees from the Olympic park. They do
not want to come here, and have their own proposals, far more
in keeping with the concept of "green Olympics".

The plans also threaten the use of Marsh Lane and the railway
footbridge as a cycle route, and risks Marsh Lane turning into a
main road carrying through traffic.

Marsh Lane fields is our land! - our precious open space and
"green lung". It was all historic Lammas common land, over
which all residents of Leyton and Walthamstow had commoners'
rights, later transformed into the right to have the land
preserved for us by the council as a public open aspace and
recreation ground for ever. If we let them "borrow" one piece of
it, will we ever see it back? If they get one piece now, what
will they seize next? What will we see on our green open space
next? Yet more yuppy flats? Astroturf pitches that cost sixty
quid an hour to use? More of those "colourful" warehouses?

If you are concerned about these proposals, join us on Sunday.
Find out more about what is proposed. Let your views be known.
Make sure they are heard.

We will walk round the area affected, describe what the planners
want to do, and how everyone can make representations about it.
We can sing the Lammas Land Song, and, weather permitting, fly a
kite for open space.

Some of us will then be going for a pub lunch.

Please DO bring friends, family, neighbours, dogs, and umbrellas
or hot drinks. Bikes are welcome too.

Please DO wear warm clothes and sensible, waterproof shoes or

For more info, call/text 07919 262 702 or email

Please DO also call/text/email if you can't make Sunday 17th but
would like to be kept in touch with developments.

Directions: on the new A-Z, Marsh Lane fields is on page 68,
square 2B.


48, 55 or 56 along Lea Bridge Road. From Hackney, get off at
stop just after B&Q and cross road. From Walthamstow/Leyton,
get off at Hare and Hounds pub. Then walk south down Seymour
Road. Continue straight ahead when the street turns into a
footpath, and continue across the field to a yellow barrier
where the path joins a sunken, tree-lined lane.

58 or 158 along Church Road. Get off at corner of Marsh Lane.
From Walthamstow, this is just past Antelope pub on left; from
Leyton, just past Etloe House on left - a large white palace
with battlements. Walk down Marsh Lane past the schools, over
footbridge across Dagenham Brook, straight ahead past car
barrier and along the tree-lined lane until you see a ramp on
the right taking footpath past yellow barrier and across field.

Tube/train: either Leyton (Central Line) and bus 58/158 from
opposite station, or Walthamstow Central (Victoria Line or
mainline Liverpool St-Chingford line) and 48 bus from bus
station opposite rail station.