Watch The Wobblies on ChristieBooks Film Channel!

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Watch The Wobblies on ChristieBooks Film Channel!

From Christiebooks:

We are pleased to announce that Stewart Bird and Deborah Shaffer's powerful,
inspiring and moving study of the extraordinary men and women of the
Industrial Workers of the World


can now be seen (free) on streaming video on

Players for all out 165+ films (features and documentaries) can also be
viewed directly from your own website. Instructions on how to do this are
available on the ChristieBooks Brightcove website) or

Please spread the word (and the links!)

ChristieBooks is an anarchist multimedia publisher sustained by the sale of
its publications, posters and the financial support of sympathetic donors
and sponsors. If you want, you can help us continue and develop our project
by either purchasing some of our book titles, our posters - or by donating
to our sustaining fund via (which allows you to send
and receive money online quickly and securely). All you need for this is our
email address or you can send us a cheque to:
ChristieBooks, PO Box 35, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 2UX)

We need your continued support to maintain and expand our ongoing multimedia
project. (We also welcome dvds and your MP4 MOV files for consideration for
inclusion on the channel.)

1) Spanish Civil War posters:

Film - Manuel Monleon:

2) The artwork of Helios Gomez:

BOOK: 'The Man Who Killed Durruti' by Pedro de Paz (ISBN - 1873976267 Euros
12.00) A former policeman, now a Major in the Spanish Republican Army, is
sent to Madrid to investigate the circumstances in which the legendary
anarchist was killed. In his search for the truth he interviews they key
witnesses and uncovers a number of contradictory accounts. Nobody tells the
same story in quite the same way, but as an experienced police officer he
knows it is not inconceivable that they are al telling the truth. But it is
also possible that some of them are lying, that some are trying to hide what
they know and, more sinisterly, that some may be seeking to sabotage his
investigation for darker political ends.


1) - 20 November 1936

2) - Durruti in the Spanish Revolution

3) - Buenaventura Durruti: Vida y muerte de un anarquista

'The CNT in the Spanish Revolution' by Jose Peirats and edited by Chris
Ealham Volumes I, II, III (Euros 25.00 each volume)
'We, the anarchists! A study of the Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI)
1927-1937) by Stuart Christie (ISBN - 1901172066 - Euros 14)

RELATED FILMS INCLUDE - among many others:

1) - Living in Utopia

3) - Red Years Black Years

3) - Why We Lost the War

4) - The Will of a People

BOOK - 'Without a Glimmer of Remorse' by Pino Cacucci (ISBN - 873976283,
Euros 15.00) A novel based on the story of the life of the extraordinary
Jules Bonnot - worker, soldier, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's driver - and the
first bank-robber to use a getaway car)

1) - The Siege at Choisy le Roi, April 28, 1912

2) - La Bande a Bonnot (The Bonnot Gang)

BOOK - 'Bending the Bars' by John Barker (ISBN - 1873976313 Euros 11.00)
John Barker
was arrested in 1971 and sentenced to ten years imprisonment at the Old
Bailey for his part in the 'Angry Brigade conspiracy trial. It was the
longest trial in English legal history, he was released in 1978. 'Bending
the Bars' is his account of those seven years.

1) - The Angry Brigade

2) - Persons Unknown

3) - Imprisonment in Great Britain (Mark Barnsley)

4) - Arles Prison Statement (by members of the MIL/GAC)

ChristieBooks, PO Box 35, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 2UX, UK

PS: Why not put a Google Alert out on Brightcove ChristieBooks site which
will allow you to monitor and keep up-to-date with the new films as they are
uploaded. We are currently trying to add two or three films a week... and
with your help we'll keep adding to that figure, making the site a wonderful
resource for anarchist and libertarian video footage