Scotland and The Zapatistas [Edinburgh, Lothian] Sun 1st July 3.30pm

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David W
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Jul 1 2007 08:50
Scotland and The Zapatistas [Edinburgh, Lothian] Sun 1st July 3.30pm

Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group and the Camcorder Guerillas present:
A film premiere - 'Salud y Solidaridad' / 'Health and Solidarity' Scotland and the Zapatistas
A documentary film by the Camcorder Guerillas (2007)

3.30pm Sunday 1st July 2007

Communication Workers Union
15 Brunswick St

Free/ donation

This new 20 minute film documents the struggle of the people of zapatista autonomous municipality “16th February” to construct their own health clinic, run by and for the community. In their own words the local indigenous people describe the need for an autonomous health care system, detailing the serious health problems they face in the Highlands of Chiapas, Mexico.
The film features original footage from “16th February”. We see the successful construction of the health clinic, achieved by the voluntary work of hundreds of people from the forty different villages of the municipality. Other aspects of the local peoples’ self-organisation are explored too, such as the craft workers’ collectives.

The film portrays the twinning between “16th February” and the zapatista groups in Scotland . This is a direct relationship of solidarity whereby funds raised in Scotland have made it possible for the local zapatistas to take this major step forward in their struggle for autonomy from the “bad government”. The municipality are continuing this path, now focusing not only on further improvements to the clinic but also on developing their autonomous primary schools, and their craft workers collectives.
With film shot during the 1994 uprising, Health and Solidarity puts the local situation in the context of the whole zapatista struggle, which has been an inspiration to the global anti capitalist movement, and has now initiated the Other Campaign, seeking to unite different exploited groups “from below and the left”.

Following the film there will be questions and discussion - plus first hand accounts of the situation in “16th February” from members of the group who have recently returned from Chiapas . Copies of the film will be on sale, available on a dvd which also contains much other material on the zapatista struggle. There will be stalls with amber jewellery and textiles made in 16th February, all proceeds going to the clinic and the autonomous schools there.

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Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group, c/o 17 West Montgomery Place, Edinburgh EH7 5HA Scotland