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Mar 21 2007 11:49
An Anarchist FAQ mirror

Libcom had a mirror and a forwarding link to "An Anarchist FAQ" ( but that seems to be gone now.

The mirror was out of date and I emailed about that, to no reply. The url no longer points to the FAQ mirror, something else I emailed about and got no reply.

So who do I have to talk to get the mirror up to date and the link pointing to it again?

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Joseph Kay
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Mar 21 2007 11:56

i'm not sure what's happening with this - we're not doing hosting any more (since our server costs shot up with increased traffic on the main site) and i'm pretty sure that means not hosting an FAQ mirror. i'm not sure what happened with your emails ... other admins?

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Mar 21 2007 13:04

I saw one, knowing we couldn't host it in its previous format any more. We discussed the possibility of hosting it in the library but then it kinda stalled. Sorry for not getting back to you anarcho, we can set the old URL to forward to an existing mirror and we'll think about if there's a way we can have one on the new site.

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Jacques Roux
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Mar 21 2007 20:31

Yeah we started off hosting it, but then wanted to make some formatting changes, realised this was impossible because of the way the afaq was coded (sorry Anarcho - but it is truly terrible - there's no CSS!!). So we hosted it as is. But now we don't deal with plain HTML pages any more as the afaq is done, so we cant host it. As john says the url should be forwarded and we should get rid of it if we arent going to use it.

As we have started talking about the faq tho - the whole thing needs to be dragged into the 21st century. Re-write the thing in CSS for a start would be great and i'm sure would encourage more people to host it because they could integrate it into their sites.

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Mar 30 2007 08:26

Yes, rewrite the whole thing in css -- as if I don't have enough to do!

Until it has been revised for publication, it will stay as plain old html. Unless some else volunteers to do it.

In terms of forwarding, can it go to:

many thanks.

Mike Harman
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Mar 30 2007 10:50

Anarcho - I don't know exactly how it works, but there's stuff like html-tidy and other applications that can clear out font tags etc., and maybe even replace them with decent css classes. Also, that's the kind of job you could almost certainly find someone to do for you if you put an appeal out.

It'd also make it much easier to update in the long run - instead of font style="blah" all over the place, you'd just have nice clean xhtml tags.