Are there more lurkers now?

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Red Marriott
Joined: 7-05-06
Mar 28 2007 21:31
Are there more lurkers now?

I notice in the evenings recently that the numbers of guests is often in the 60s - am I right in thinking that's an increase? If so, any thoughts why the site's getting more visitors - can we view the stats anywhere? Should we be saying 'come on in, the water's lovely - but don't piss in the pool'?

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Joseph Kay
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Mar 28 2007 21:40

i think some might be bots for search engines etc, not sure how to tell, though we can get stats on google referals, unique visitors, page hits and the like, which i think are up

Mike Harman
Joined: 7-02-06
Mar 28 2007 21:48

The high number of guests - most of it's bots - either search engines or spam crawlers. Apart from that though traffic is quite high. After upgrade I changed our stats programme, so it's only been running for 14 days, but will do a report on libcom's blog after a month and anything specific just ask.

Joined: 9-07-06
Mar 28 2007 22:28

but is it possible to differentiate between actual humans and virtual machines ?

In terms of counting visitors I mean

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Jacques Roux
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Mar 29 2007 00:28

John - yes it is.

Mike Harman
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Mar 29 2007 09:58

yeah it's possible. For a guide:

past 10-14 days we had 3.3 million hits, about 3-400,000 of those were by bots, or around 10 %. I don't know how closely this correlates to page views though so it might vary a bit.

In terms of visitors (unique ip addresses), the bots make much less of a difference since tens of thousands of hits might come from only a couple of ip addresses.