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Mar 8 2007 16:30
Baboon complaint

cut from NHS discussion:

If there's no flaming on this site, then there should be no flaming. Those running this site need to address revol's swearing and abuse. There's an example above, before the split, where it tends to spread and posters are suddenly calling each other cunts, etc., for what they think or interpret.
There's been some research into this phenomenom. Too much time at a keyboard basically can magnify certain personality defects. Lack of intimate contact - eyes, body language, tone of voice and so on, with invisibility and anonynimity, can depress certain neural functions, leading to a sort of Tourettes outburst. The manner of revol's abuse would tend to support this. A certain narcissism can also develop leading to very murky waters indeed. Revol shows an exaggerated sense of self along with his snarling intolerance of others. Discussions shouldn't be derailed by gratutious abuse. There's nothing positive about it - au contraire.

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jef costello
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Mar 8 2007 17:06

Great another thread about this.

How about we have an anti-revol fundraiser for libcom I'm suggesting a scaled series of punishments based on levels of donations by all of those complaining about him:

A quid each: He has to have his pillow 'loved' by Jack.
a fiver: I'm a wee gobshite as his signature, permanently
a tenner: all posts containing spelling mistakes to be deleted immediately.
twenty quid: Revol is banned from using the following terms and concepts: reification, self-awareness, always already, spectacle, his 'passionate' posting style, cock, all perving over asian women, women that can kick his arse ane especially asian schoolgirls that can kick his arse.
fifty quid: Revol must attend WSM meetings for a year, publicly admit that he really had the wrong end of the stick for all these years and must sing 'Wearing of the Green' at every public event.

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Mar 8 2007 17:18

i'm in for a fiver

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Mar 8 2007 20:08

Baboons a fucking asshole. Wait. Was that gratuitous?

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Mar 8 2007 23:26

Bone Revol

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Lazy Riser
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Mar 9 2007 16:16


Your disgusting, cowardly, bullying and baiting of this poor leftist with personality issues is shameful. Quite shameful. I know half you losers get diversity training, the other half of you design it. Ha Ha. Explains a lot. Too much calcium in the blood.



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Mar 10 2007 09:33

not terribly interested in getting into yet another thread about revol, but clearly there is a value judgement to be made. Dozens of new forum members dont stay because of the forum climate, revol being the main arse here, so the libcom mods have made a choice of rather keeping revol than those he tends to drive away.

One can shrug this off by calling the leavers as weak, thin skinned or what ever, but what pisses me off is that these kind of personal attacks and name calling is completely unnecessary for discussion, add fuck all to it, in fact just makes it worse. So we lose members but gain shit in return - i dont see that as a good trade off.

For me these forums should be aimed at bringing in new people, discuss their politics and positions and move shit forwards, not serve as a time wasting board for bunch of mates (not saying that is what it is at the moment, but revol has repeatedly said that these forums are pretty worthless and he is just killing work time here).

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Mar 10 2007 09:41

that linux dude got called all sorts after his second post, just as an example. No matter how silly his positions were i think that was fucking uncalled for.

Mike Harman
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Mar 10 2007 10:50
Jack wrote:
but won't (usually!) call someone a cunt unprovoked anymore...

JDMF mentioned the linux thread - there wasn't even any effort put ino that one - the guy deserves having the piss taken but that's not the same as contentless insults. That's one of 2-3 in the past ten days but I've got better things to do that go back and find them.

I'm going to start editing revol's posts to make him look like a cunt when he does it, that will take hardly any time at all smile

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Bob Savage
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Mar 10 2007 12:18
JDMF wrote:
Dozens of new forum members dont stay because of the forum climate, revol being the main arse here, so the libcom mods have made a choice of rather keeping revol than those he tends to drive away.

I'm mainly just reading stuff on here, not really posting much at all, but I must say that I like revol's posts. And find them more encouraging TO stay because, well, main reason being I like the word 'cunt' a whole lot. I find it weird when I read that people get actually offended by him.