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Jacques Roux
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Aug 4 2006 17:56
Downtime apologies

Hi all,

Site has been down since the early hours of today. We swapped over the URLs, so now the new site is running on and the old site on For some reason this took way longer than expected and only seems to just have been sorted. Its kind of a trickle down thing where the the addresses filter through the internet - so not a unified experience for everyone.

We swapped the domain names for two reasons - one - beacause is our permanent address and we want google etc. to start indexing these addresses once we know we are gunna be on this server for good. Two - will soon be reconfigured as our dedicated hosting server where we will provide extended services to the websites we currently host.

Apologies again!

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Aug 5 2006 00:12
rkn wrote:
Apologies again!

And from me. I think that was my fault that last one sad