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Mar 13 2012 19:23
FAO bloggers

This is mainly for libcom bloggers/contributors. We've just made a couple of changes. If everything's worked as planned, you shouldn't notice a thing. But if you have any problems please post here. The changes are:

- separating out the 'blogger' and 'contributor' roles
- giving all our active bloggers the blogger role, either in addition to or in place of the contributor role

If we've missed anyone etc please let us know. Doing this allows us to generate the new 'featured blogger' block (which displays a random profile from the 'blogger' role) and to have an automatically updated list of bloggers. Everyone also now has a 'blog info' field in their profiles, if bloggers fill this out this is what displays in the featured blog box and the list of blogs, so please add descriptions of your blogs!