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Tojiah (post 182)

I remember Devrim being critical at least of the ICC's conduct, both past and contemporary, in quite a few of his posts when he was a member.

As for the topic of this thread, I think in mciver's case no-one is going to say that banning him took place without it being made very clear why that is (obsessive disruption of multiple threads to pursue his own vendetta against an organization which rarely has members post here), assuming that finally happens at some point.

Esteemed Tojiah

Although your recalls of Devrim's criticisms of the ICC when he was a member suggest a formidable and discerning memory, they don't belong on this thread. Perhaps you could kindly open a new thread, In Defence of the ICC & Devrim against McIver's Disruptions. You seem to be suggesting that McIver should be banned, but wouldn't this contradict Devrim's wishes, who is against post deletions and bannings? Anyway, what is your stake on this thread?

However, I am honoured that you have been reading my multiple threads on the ICC, and feel a certain embarrassment at finding out that there is something called 'The McIver Case', as you inventively submit. If I may say so, it sounds almost like literature, or some comforting detective story happening in Bonar Bridge. You flatter me too much, and although grateful for the undeserved attention you bestow on me, I feel somewhat bemused. I sincerely wish you don't take this wrongly, I mean that I never invest any time reading posts that definitely don't appeal to me. As some would say, wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. Generally this is good advice for one's mental well-being. Following this maxim, I must confess that I've never cared to read any of yours, or even noticed they or you existed. So I regret to say that your gentle interest in me hasn't been reciprocated. A brief trace shows that you're the author of multiple posts, on more than 270 threads. My, what creative output and energy, gone totally unnoticed. Here's an early thread, launched by you in 2007, which caught my random attention:

I forgot we're coming off daylight saving time!

I'm such a fucking idiot. I just lost an hour's sleep for no good reason. And nothing's open, so it's not like I can use this time for anything. Bloody hell.


Unfortunately I would be misleading you if I said that such a riveting thread tickled my fancy, even if on Libcommunity. Maybe if I tried again when faced by a deep boredom, which would make for a shared experience. Because this foray provoked an instant torpor in me, I resisted any further exploration of your posting delights, hope you don't mind.

I was also impressed with your agile psychological perception of 'vendetta', against a harassed and charitable organisation 'which rarely has members post here', as you acutely observe. A brief calculation on the threads dedicated to the ICC show around 1,200 threads, some with hundreds of posts. All in all, a few thousand posts, by members of the ICC (Alf, Beltov, Ernie, various acolytes, etc), and also about the ICC. A very small proportion of these are by McIver, and only from 2009. I thought this proved your ample arithmetic skills, your careful attention to detail and sensitive grasp of proportions and realities. I also thought your effigy to be artistically awesome, wriggling worms reminding one of Lovecraft, Heinz spaghetti and an unblocked constipation. A budding Tojiah-Hirst?

Respectfully yours

Mike Harman
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Dec 7 2011 03:06
Mike Harman wrote:
If people want to discuss Devrim's pre/during/post ICC membership and its implications (or anything else about the ICC unless it's directly relevant to this thread), please do so in http://libcom.org/forums/announcements/i-have-left-icc-devrim-08072011 or elsewhere.

Last time.

Further posts about the ICC on this thread (including meta-posts about people talking about the ICC) will be deleted (oh the irony), so better to just post on a different thread in the first place.

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Dec 7 2011 03:40

admin, see above.

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I posted in the 'Aufheben debates' as whatisinevidence. No need to rehash my position here, as anyone paying attention saw it already.

I considered being coy and copying and pasting strings of nasty insults written by regular posters/admins in "non-flaming" forums that were not reprimanded or deleted (eg. "Fuck off THE OUTLAW, you're a muppet and you know nothing about anything" etc etc), much less cause for banning, but this would be naive and silly, as everyone surely is aware that this sort of behavior is allowed, even encouraged, if the recipients of the insults or politically or socially unpopular.

As far as I can see, all the admins are doing is enforce the guidelines - and are doing so in a way that is very transparent rather than arbitrary.

I have to take you at your word that you believe this and that perhaps the admins doing the banning/deleting believe this as well, but the turn of the discussion away from the behavior or Aufheben and their supporters towards the moderation of this website means the bannings were a victory for Aufheben, even if those who did the banning did not consciously think of them as such.

Then again, the banning of Lazy Riser/Carousel a long time ago was much worse, in terms of the possibilities of interesting ideas emerging; something about his interaction with Libcom really brought out the best in everyone and brought submerged/unconscious leftism out into the open. The anti-Aufheben crew (of which I am a part) being banned freed them to pursue other things, which is probably good, as they weren't breaking new ground. War isn't good for anyone.

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Dec 12 2011 06:31

Did Lazy Riser get banned? I thought he just stopped posting. Whatever the reason I can't say I miss his anti-communist trolling.

Mike Harman
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Dec 12 2011 11:16
I posted in the 'Aufheben debates' as whatisinevidence.

That account (and in fact the accounts of everyone involved in that discussion except lines despite your claims to the contrary) is not blocked, so why not use it instead of using a new one?

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Dec 12 2011 13:50
lettersjournal wrote:
the banning of Lazy Riser/Carousel a long time ago was much worse, in terms of the possibilities of interesting ideas emerging

i agree, and at the time and again since i protested it, so i won't bore the readership here by repeating any further what i just repeated.


lettersjournal wrote:
something about his interaction with Libcom

it wasn't just libcom, he was banned from another forum too, for much the same pattern of industrial-level annoyingness.

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Dec 12 2011 15:09

Lazy was temp banned for trolling Lem as far as I remember. He just didn't come back, too bad. I wish he was still here.