quick admin job to do

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Mike Harman
Joined: 7-02-06
Jul 23 2007 12:33
quick admin job to do

In views, there's now an "image as link" option. So all the tag listings and other views can now have the image link to the article (instead of doing nothing like now).

See http://libcom.org/images for an example.

There's quite a few views with images in, which all need to be updated to reflect this. It's probably about a ten minute job but my eyes hurt sad

To change them go to admin/build/views.

Pick a view - probably best to go down in order.

go to "fields"

go to the "options" drop down for Image: Image (field_photo) - and if it's index image, change to index image as link, if it's article, change to article as link etc. etc.

While you're in there, if any view has a filter which include "Image" change it to "images".