Two questions about forums and content and stuff.

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Jul 11 2009 13:06
Two questions about forums and content and stuff.

1 - I realise that Libcom has somewhat moved away from the idea of local groups having sections of the forum, but possibly because we have little electronic presence, the MDF is just catching up to the idea. Can we request an "MDF" section in the Midlands forum? If it's possible great, let me know what we need to do; if not, thanks anyway.

2 - Having noticed that Jack has put up something with the title "No War But The Class War", I was reminded that we had a short-lived NWBCW group in Leicester, that several MDFers were involved in. Would Libcom be up for me putting up the text of the leaflet we distributed from March-May 2003? I have a copy that I could put in the Library or anywhere else thought appropriate.

Thanks comrades;

Slothjabber for the MDF (and probably No War But Class War - Leicester too)