New Authors/groups listings in library

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Oct 3 2006 10:10
New Authors/groups listings in library

We now categorise authors and groups differently. Instead of selecting a drop-down list there are free-tags like the tags.

Authors are now also listed by first name, not surname.

Please enter authors, people or groups matching them to existing entries where possible, using the same name format, and matching the group name, whether it's an acronym or full name.

If you're adding a new group, please use the acronym if it has one, or if the full name is very long. if it's the same acronym as another group, please enter the country yours is in in brackets to distinguish them.

Karl Marx, IWMA
B. Traven, Echanges et Mouvement, CGT (Spain)

Thanks! This is to enable us to be much more flexible in allowing and categorising submissions by our users (previously admins had to set up and index new authors + groups manually, and to improve our google indexing.