Distributing Anarchist papers

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Apr 5 2010 21:51
Distributing Anarchist papers

Dear comrades

Here's the thing, anybody who has been to more then two protests would have noticed that when it comes to the distribution of political newspapers the bloody Socialist Workers have developed a monopoly over the situation. When i go to a protest i associate as a anarchist and it would be nice to provide the public with a alternative but i'm clueless as to how to get my hands on a large bundle of FREEDOM newspapers to give out.

If anybody does no how to get hold of either freedom or resistance newspapers for distribution please let me know.

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Apr 5 2010 22:40

I think for Freedom you should email subs (at) freedompress (dot) org.uk . For Resistance, your best bet is probably distribution (at) afed (dot) org.uk .

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Joseph Kay
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Apr 5 2010 23:06

and there'll be loads of Catalysts available in a week or so, drop me a PM if you want some (free!)