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Rob Ray
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May 6 2008 13:03
Freedom next issues

Right, bit of a nightmare coming up potentially here. One of our main contributors has recently left the collective.

As such, we're in desperate need of an International Editor to pick up his slot, which would be two pages of copy split into three main articles and a news in brief column:

500 words (lead article)
240 words
145 words
450 words of briefs (ie. several shorter pieces, which can be lifted from places like indymedia or labourstart and then just cut down to length, more subbing than writing).

If no-one volunteers for it by Sunday May 11, the paper may not come out that issue as it's going to be too much for individuals to take on the extra.

The issue after that, 6910, I'm not going to be around for at all, so that's going to need both the extra international editor and an editor for the front three pages, with one or more of the people editing taking on responsibility for collating it.

That means sorting out what stories go where, chasing stuff up and if necessary, filling gaps in the news content near the end of the week. I can sort out everything beyond page 7 so it's that number of pages of copy, at around 900 words each, which would have to be filled.

Relavant dates for this:

Issue 6909
Production day - Sunday May 11
Copy deadline - Thurs May 15

Issue 6910
Production day - Sunday May 25
Copy deadline - Thurs May 29

My absence will only be for one issue and then I'm back for issue 6911, so 6910 could be a guest editor? Any help or explanations of what needs doing can be provided, get in touch!