Best biography on C.L.R. James?

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Feb 25 2012 02:09
Best biography on C.L.R. James?

I see a couple on Amazon. Theyseem to have no reviews or only a single one apiece.

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Feb 25 2012 04:43

I liked Caliban's Freedom: The Early Political Thought of C.L.R. James by Anthony Bogues.

Also, if you want to understand "Nello" from the perspective of his former lover, read Not Without Love: Memoirs by Constance Webb, who was his second wife.

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Feb 25 2012 05:58

I would say, just read C L R James. But, reading him along side Cedric Robinson is also good .

S. Artesian
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Feb 25 2012 06:01

Apparently, Paul Buhle was the "authorized" biographer of James and wrote an "authorize" biography.