"Communist" Party of Venezuela: Chavez re-election is "strategic defeat for international zionism"

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Oct 16 2012 11:59
"Communist" Party of Venezuela: Chavez re-election is "strategic defeat for international zionism"

on a german stalinist website i found a translated statement from the PCVs website regarding Chavez re-election, it's titled:
"We have inflicted a strategic defeat for imperialism and international zionism"
in the further text "zionism" or "international zionism" is no more mentioned.
i wonder, if the use of this vocabulary is common in the venezuelan "communist" party ?

original: hxxp://tribuna-popular.org/index.php/en/comite-central/1525-pcv-le-hemos-acertado-una-estrategica-derrota-al-imperialismo-y-al-sionismo-internacional

german translation on stalinist site can be found here: hxxp://www.kommunisten-online.de/International/wahlen2.htm#KP

Caiman del Barrio
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Oct 16 2012 12:29

Jesus fucking Christ that's awful.

I can't remember Chávez being explicitly anti-Semitic but the Jewish community in Venezuela is tiny, quite isolated and largely concentrated around big business so I did encounter it amongst some people. I'd also say that anti-Semitism is the logical conclusion of the conspiratorial rhetoric that often emanates from chavismo vis a vis the US & big business (Chávez famously tried to blame his, Cristina & Lugo's cancer on American chemtrails or some shit).

A caveat vis a vis racism amongst the general populace: Venezuelans have such loose mouths and tend to be pretty brash and light-hearted when speaking, as well as having an often rather cruel sense of humour, so it's hard to distinguish between actual bigotry and ill-advised 'quips'. I don't really think it's appropriate to judge them via Western politically hyper-correct norms. In fact, in many ways, I think Venezuelans and Cubans are less traumatised about race than most of Europe and definitely the US.

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Oct 16 2012 14:06

the main (right wing) opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski suffered some anti-semitic attacks during the election campaign, he is the son of Jews who converted to Catholicism and a pretty devout Catholic, ... one of Chavez's former advisers, the former Montonero Norberto Ceresole was an negationist but he was forced to leave Venezuela in 1999 but as far as I know, the opposition also occasionally uses anti-semitism when attacking the government

kommunisten-online is webpage run by the maverick Stalinist weirdo Günter Ackermann who is roaming the German ML scene for around 45 years, during the last 10 years, his main hobby is tracking down Zionists, Trotskyists and other Anti-Germans inside DKP, PDS and DIE LINKE ... there is even a blog about him http://antiacki.wordpress.com/

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Oct 16 2012 14:45

While I know that most of the time when someone refers to Zionism, especially international Zionism is usually out of anti-Semitism, I have to tell you Zionism is just as much disgusting as any other Nationalist ideology.

On the other hand, anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories are unfortunately common in the popular, working-class aimed politics. Conspiracy theories (like that of the Jews, masonry, the unspecified bankers of the Granudian CiF etc.) are dangerous because they look as a dumbed down revolutionary theory. They are the political analogy of superstition: There are some Jewish rich. Some Jews tend to be rich. We know nothing of the Jews. The rich fucks the world. => Let's fuck the Jews etc. No wonder that such a political theory works just as much for the stalinists as much for the different strands of populist right wing, fascists and national socialists.