Dealing with children under foster care

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Aug 20 2013 19:58
Dealing with children under foster care

I don't know if this has been brought up before - I certainly haven't seen it anyway- but I'm curious about the ways anarchists could go about helping children who are stuck in foster homes. This thread is similar to my thread about the things to do after dismantling the prison system, only now the people in question are children who can't be threatening to society in the way adults who harm other human beings can.

My concern arises from the fact that, as the state is being dismantled, centralized foster care institutions and foster homes will start to fade away as well. And that implies that a lot of kids previously under foster care are going to be pretty much left behind. So how can we help the children who are living under such care? Where will they go? Could they be placed under some kind of foster care collective? Perhaps such a collective would be most beneficial, but I have a feeling that it's not enough somehow.