a documentary video about greece in 2012

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Oct 30 2013 15:46
a documentary video about greece in 2012

Greece gave birth to Democracy. But Greece has a strange habit: is constantly killing its children.
Presenting the situation of an open wound is not an easy task, especially when you are inside the wound, bleeding together. World has experienced financial and social crises many times. What makes though this specific crisis we live in a more special case, is that its victims not only struggle against society, bosses and states, but also against their personal demons: their own selves.
“We are a nation under depression”, my cousin told me recently. A woman who only lately stopped taking antidepressants.
The number of suicides in Greece the last months has been increased dramatically considering the fact that it’s a small country of 10 million people. The amounts of antidepressants and psychotropic drugs that are being consumed, have made pharmacies a flourishing business these days; like the weeds that flourish over the graves.
Another parasite that found its place are moneylenders. Only in my small city-neighborhood, 5 out of the 15 family enterprises have been transformed to: “I buy gold and jewelry. I give you fast and easy cash”. My grandmother used to say that the days of dictatorship and occupation crooks were becoming richer and richer. Now I get an idea of what she meant.
Among this chaos people try to continue their lives, to find a shadow during the hot summer, to find a bottle of water, to find money to pay for these. To find a job consequently. And then, if they pass all these levels successfully, to find the luxury to have time. And if lucky enough, someone to share it with. And then, the hardest research starts: love?

The scariest phrase I’ve ever heard was by a friend I met some day: “I have stopped dreaming”, he said. And it was not the words that scared me. It was his eyes. Because they had this similar look that all those lost children have.

Crisis leaves back victims. Unemployed educated, hungry uneducated, passive aggressive, fanatical hooligans, fanatical nationalists, scared immigrants. And that’s not a statement. It’s a reality with names: Dimitris Hristoulas 77years old, pensioner and political suicide in Syntagma square. Savas Metikidis 45years old, teacher and political suicide in his family house. Alexandros Grigoropoulos 16years old, student and murdered by the state. Labros Fountas 35years old, biologist and murdered by the state.Sahtzat Loukman 27years old, Pakistani immigrant and murdered by the fascists of Golden Dawn. Pavlos Fyssas 34years old, musician and murdered by the fascists of Golden Dawn. And a numerous catalogue of this kind can be fulfilled with names of people who daily die in the abandoned public hospitals, in the psychiatric institutions, in the inhuman prisons. It’s a chain with very perplexed joints, which lead to a word: FALL.

“The Fall” by Albert Camus describes ironically very well this current situation. This fall from the past grace, and gradually from consciousness and self - existence. Art apparently even in 1956 was reflecting the evolution of society which was led inevitably to a fall.
Something that art has always been doing no matter how difficult reality is, no matter how big is the risk we need to take.
It is important in times of crisis to find time to breathe and create. It is important in times of fall to stand up and continue. It’s also important to get out, speak up and share.

That being said, I share this video with you :

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