"Free" work experience (i.e. unpaid work) via a 'social enterprise'

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Apr 29 2013 15:12
"Free" work experience (i.e. unpaid work) via a 'social enterprise'

I've been looking for a job for a few weeks. Came across a group of profit-hungry suits calling themselves a 'social enterprise' offering "free" work experience to the desperate and gullible.

I'm not sure I've got my head around how they hope to profit from this- going on the unconvincing waffle they posted on their website, its very hard to tell.

My suspicion is that they're trying to charge businesses a fee, in exchange they send along some workers who are willing (or desperate enough) to work for free.

I wondered if this is unique or if its a new thing that's emerging- sort of privatised workfare- or if this enterprise is a one-off and likely to fail (doesn't seem to be fully off the ground yet, but their spam is all over the jobs pages on gumtree).

Just made me angry thinking about it, thought I'd share. Probably not that interesting.

Text from one of their gumtree ads:

"We are setting up a Social Enterprise to help gain quality work experience for those out of work, graduates and students.

The areas that we can help in include; Admin, Business Development, Customer Care, Finance, HR, Marketing, Media, IT/Web Development.

The works will be focused around our management consultancy and also our national share and support campaign which we are doing in partnership with a 2 national magazines.

With us you can work from your own home, in your own time, or from our offices in Brent or Harrow within the next couple of months.

You will be offered a free opportunity to join us for 1 month. And those who demonstrate professional attitude and can do spirit could be offered a formal 3 month work experience for free – details of this programme is on our website which shows all our work experience products.

The initial work experience with us will be done electronically – primarily by Skype, and emails. And will be for a minimum of 10 hours per week, which is done around your own convenience.

Further Details Are On Our Website

Role Description:
• Admin - Preparing / Researching Data from various sources
• Creating Mini Marketing Strategies
• Taking minutes and supporting meetings
• Dealing with Customer Enquiries
• Planning Campaigns
• Supporting management team

Person Specifications
• Qualifications In various fields (such As: Marketing, Management, Law, Administration, IT, Education etc.) would be desirable but not essential
• Effective Team Player
• Good Communicator
• Good Problem Solving Skills
• Intermediate Computer Skills such as Word and Excel desirable but not essential.

If interested please reply via Gumtree. Please also attach a copy of your CV, and also note that we hold regular Information Sessions on Skype."

Their website: http://www.amnickse.co.uk/