how to make a forum

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Sidney Huffman
Joined: 13-06-07
May 26 2011 09:10
how to make a forum


I want to make an on-line forum/website like this one but just for our local group to use for private discussions . It needs to be simple and easy to use and set up like any phpbb type forum. although I know what phpbb forums are I have no idea how to make them or how to get them on the interwebs.

Oh and it needs to be free for now at least and then we can upgrade when funds are available.

Please be gentle with me as I have very limited knowledge of this type of techie stuff.

Many thanks for any help/ideas.

**Sorry, should have said I'm not looking for people to walk me through it (that'd be a tad rude in my book) rather someone with knowledge of the subject pointing me towards a good on-line guide.