Israeli soldiers leave base in protest of poor treatment

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Mar 1 2007 20:21
Israeli soldiers leave base in protest of poor treatment

This source says that it's 15 soldiers, official reports are now 50, and another news source (which is, unfortunately, in Hebrew) says that there were twice as many going AWOL.

There has been growing unrest in the services, especially as a result of poor logistics in the last war. Unfortunately, since most non-Zionist activists are usually very anti-military, they haven't done much propagandeering directed at Israeli troops. Instead, liberal and militarist groups have tunneled the unrest into the usual liberal arguments about what kind of committee should investigate it, and the usual gung-ho notion that professional soldiers are better statesmen, respectively.

It's a shame, really. I mean, most of the anti-Zionists are bloody Leninists, have they forgotten what part soldiers played in the October revolution?