What podcasts do you listen to?

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Apr 22 2019 15:00

Yeah I remember listening to their interview with Burgerville organisers, my app wasn't finding the show though so I had to do that manually.

FYI if anyone else has that problem with a show, a way to add it is to copy its RSS feed into the search/add function.

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R Totale
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May 21 2019 20:16

Has anyone listened to Mandatory OT? I've not got around to listening to it yet, but I was intrigued to see it was listed as "the official podcast of the West Virginia IWW" because I'm always in favour of more syndicalist/workplace-focused type podcasts, and WV is certainly a state that's seen some interesting stuff happen recently, but on clicking around to try and find an episode to start with I see that they seem to have done a two-part series examining Stalin's writings on dialectical materialism, which sounds like... really not what I'm looking for. Does anyone know any more about it, have any opinions, etc?

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Jun 4 2019 11:41

I listen to the Yarniacs podcast which is a knitting podcast.

Also otherppl which is an amazing podcast about writing if youre not too busy with class warfare.

I honestly only listen to history and politics podcasts when my insomnia gets really bad. There was a good one I think it was recommended on here. I can't remember the name. About the industrial revolution maybe?