Why did you get fired?

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May 31 2013 19:17
Why did you get fired?

So, I was thinking about an old friend of mine and remembered the time that whilst working in a butyl rubber factory(!) he was so moved by the sounds of The Rolling Stones playing on the works radio that he was unable to resist getting up onto one of the cutting benches and throwing himself into one of his(very impressive) Mick Jagger impersonations. Unfortunately, while he was leaping around the table, exhibiting all the symptoms of a St Vitus Dance sufferer, the factory owner walked in with a client that he was showing around. Needless to say, that was his last day as a cutter of rubber to line the garden ponds of the bourgeoisie!
Anyone got any amusing sacking stories then? I've got one of my own but I'll save it for later.